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Marketing For Your Business!

Online marketing is an essential component of your sales strategy.

We take a structured, intelligent and informed approach when marketing your business online. With over 17 years experience in San Antonio, we know how your business can compete against the thousands of businesses vying for your customers online.

Some of our customers have come to us after spending $1000's on unsuccessful campaigns. If you have tried and failed with online marketing then we can help bring your presence back and help you achieve online success. Build your team with us.

  • Online Marketing with Search Engines, Social Networks and more.
  • Website design, development and optimization, creating your online store.
  • Optimizing and correcting information that may already exist online.
  • Coaching your staff on everyday actions that will build your success.

Online success exists in unique marketing strategies, not repeating what your competitor is doing.

It's discouraging when you see all the local links that appear when you type in the keywords that apply to your business. How is your business going to appear within that list and where will it appear? Who will see your listing when there are so many others?

We see this every day and we have developed our methods from facing these challenges. First page positioning on search engines is only one of the challenges but not the only way to get business. Our approach deals with this challenge but we also know that business comes from links to these first page sites.

The internet is filled with site links to businesses such as yours and sites that recommend and send business to sites such as yours. The key is to create these links and to check them regularly, updating them with new information and news about your business. We don't rely on SEO we create networks that bring your business to your target demographic.

We will custom design a marketing program for your website to match your budget. Every month you can decide to push up your efforts or to reduce them. After 6 months we will match your marketing credits 1:1 in effect doubling your buying power. We can modify your marketing every month with new products, services or special offers at no extra cost to you. With Phiskal the control is always in your hands.
We give ourselves a window of 90 days for effective measureable results. We start with researching your current position on search engines and create a report that you can see. Then we start work as a team. There will be things that you can do to support our efforts and we will put in 100% so that results come in as soon as possible. We guarantee results and if you find that progress is not being made we will not charge you for our efforts until we do get results.
We pride ourselves on being upfront with what we can and cannot do. Without an effective optimized site we cannot develop a site based program. We can develop a single page, three page or six page site to minimize your cost but the real test of our faith in our services is this. We can develop a complete web presence that will boost your marketing and finance it over 6/12 months depending on the cost. At 0% interest we can help you succeed.

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Why Our Methods Are More Successful!


Marketing companies often sell the number of keywords they will market for you. The truth is that the number is not important and dilutes your relevance. What's important is analyse what people write into the search field. If 200 companies are using "Sprinkler System", chances are you will be somewhere in the first 10 pages if they type these words. That's why "Install Sprinklers" or "Broken Sprinklers" would bring up a link to your company faster.


Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are jargon phrases that many in our industry use because they could mean anything. Specifically however, we know that what search engines see on you page contributes only 20% to determining your position on their pages. The other 80% is determined by information about you on popular sites across the internet and comments about your products and services posted in places that talk specifically about your industry.

Blogs & Press Releases

As mentioned previously, the content of your site is only a fraction of the what determines your search engine position. Blogs, press releases and postings are a fast and easy way to spread the word to various sites. Every site where you are mentioned then feeds into the search engines and the more your business information appears the faster and more completely we can improve your appearance when a potential customer searches for your product or service.

Social Networks

Constant posts from your Facebook page are going to get you few visitors. We identify upto 1000 pages of crowd promoters who live within 25 miles of your location and post on their pages. Independent promotion os better. Using Twitter using e.g. #SanAntonioPlumbing will not get you seen when the No.1 hashtag is #POTUSSpeech. So we post links to the speech with this hashtag sponsored by #SanAntonioPlumbing and your company information.

Reputation Management

Analysis shows that people are fourteen times as likely to post a negative review of your products and services than a positive one. This means that if you have 30 customers of which 2 are unhappy you will have equal numbers of positive and negative comments and to someone viewing your information it will appear as if its a 50:50 chance they will like what you are doing. We take your genuine positive reviews and spread them over the internet drowning out the negatives.

Information Accuracy

It's hard enough getting your information out on the internet when you are a business but when marketing companies use low cost employees to put that information out with typos then the damage is difficult to manage. Imagine if your phone number is one digit off, customers will only move on to the next company. At Phiskal our marketing professionals check many times for accuracy before your information is put out by our software so we achieve 100% accuracy.

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Our Qualifications!

You need to know how we qualify to ask for your business.

Many of our Marketing Consulltants have a background with: Google, Facebook, Yahoo.

Core Competencies: Marketing, Consulting, Coaching.

Industry Experience: Hotels, Restaurants, Legal, Tourism, Healthcare, Non-Profit and various Small Businesses.

Large Business Clients Include: Ebay, Ford, Paypal, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Sales Force, Preferred Health, Marriott & Howard Johnson.

Local Clients Include: State Bar of Texas, BCMS (Bexar County Medical Society), City of San Antonio, Methodist Health Systems, Baptists Health Systems, San Antonio Food Bank, Haven for Hope.

Over 300+ local companies and organizations

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Select an Option!

Using our proprietary software AMI, paired with an easy to use dashboard interface, the Fundamentals package offers you complete control of a fast, accurate and comprehensive marketing package that works independently or with your marketing company.
First 250 businesses will receive 70% OFF.
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Phiskal hotel consultants provide extensive marketing knowledge and coaching helping you manage relationships with businesses, your brand and your online marketing. We offer experienced consultants who have many years of hotel experience as owners, operators, managers and marketers. We can help you market your property and interface with booking engines.
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Phiskal offers a range of packages for business of any size. Depending on your needs we can structure your marketing plan to suite your company, industry and budget. Speak to one of our representatives and let us help you get the maximum out of your marketing campaigns.
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Phiskal consultants have accumulated many years of marketing knowledge and experience. This experience includes industries, organizations and market segments and can be seen in the content of blogs published on various subjects. Read these blogs and let us know what you think and how we can help you.
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Whereas most marketing companies use data entry staff to post marketing details to the internet, at Phiskal our professional marketers enter your details into our artificial intelligence engine after checking for accuracy. AMI is capable of automating the posting process, eliminating errors and posting to over a million locations for thousands of clients every hour. Offering fast results and accuracy with every post.
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When implementing our unique marketing packages, we offer a deep understanding of the market for small businesses and how we can help our clients reach potential clients in a quick, efficient and cost effective manner. Our packages can open up a whole new world of customers for your business.
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Properties seeking to attract business from the United States face a dual challenge when marketing to the American consumer and businesses. The first challenge is familiarity with cultural and referential marketing that attracts the right demographic and secondly putting in place the actual marketing process from a remote location. Our marketing consultants can help overcome these challenges.
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Become a crowd promotion expert and join us to learn and make money. As one of our crowd promoters, you can use your skills in social media as well as your contacts to promote our marketing services. Every customer earns you money and you are then eligible to take one of our online marketing courses to learn more. Upon completion, Phiskal will certify you as a crowd promoter and marketer adding to your resume to earn a promotion at your current job or improving your chances when searching for a new job.
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Phiskal services include software development consulting, marketing consulting and much more. Our consultants bring knowledge of your industry, coaching skills and campaign management experience to your business guiding profitability.
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As a marketing and consulting business, we are always looking for professionals including sales and marketing agents with the highest standards and skill sets to join us. Take a look at our current vacancies and apply directly without going through recruitment professionals, we look forward to working with you.
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